Automation Equipment’s and Its Uses

Now a day industrial automation is very important because we want more production in less time. So due to an automation system, we can easily cover all our production targets. Let come to discuss how ? So if we go back 25 years so that time all machine are manual.

Industrial Automation

Electrical panel at an assembly line factory. Controls and switches.

So due to manually there is material wastage too much and maintenance takes time due to the heavy fault . But when we use automation system then its saves our too much time due to safety automation and its stops machine in fewer fault occurs.

Industrial Automation Appliances

Below are Industrial automation Appliances we use normally everywhere:

Circuit Breaker

Circuit breaker we use at the place of a fuse. If we go back before 1960. There was not the concept of the circuit breaker. Now in this era, everyone wants to use it to safe from short circuit. But almost if you use a wrong calculation circuit breaker may harm your wiring or can damage your panel. So be careful with it’s calculation before installation. Right installation can save you a lot of money from any short circuits.

Industrial automation circuit breaker

Industrial automation circuit breaker

There are many types of circuit breaker available in the markets like Single pole, Double pole, three poles, we also know as (SP, DP, TP) in short form. There are many ranges of ampere circuit breaker available in the market. I will tell you the range of circuit breaker you should use. And also wires Standard ratio you should use in the fuse, but all things I will discuss in more updates. So the simplest way I want to tell you we use a circuit breaker on or off function, but it has an also thermal protects the system. This can be a trip in any short circuits.


Basically contactor use of operating big application such like you can operate 3 Phases heavy duty motors. You can use it for controls ATS Panels and also we can use it for a heavy transmission line to convert anywhere easily without any problem.

Indutiral Automation AC Contactor

Industrial Automation AC Contactor

We use start to above 5hp (motors) start with a star to delta connection automatically. We can use contactor on double speed motor to start and to convert it to low speed to high speed automatic. The contactor is one of the best and important appliances to run industrial equipment.

Uses Of Contactor:

There are many different companies’ Contactors available in the market. Wiring of all contractors same pattern or logic tries to use it after learning because it can harm or damage anything if you wrong connect a wire in a contractor. A simple way to use contactor there are six contacts to connect. Top three main contacts between main wires of three phase lines. And below this contacts three same output line where you can contact any appliance like a motor. And on the side of left small contact available. Basically small contacts with logic or control the contactor one normally open contact and the second one for normally close contact. And main two pins A1 and A2 for Magnet coil if you will give a supply of A1 or A2 then it will operate. According to the diagram on the contactor, that’s, it is 220 volts or 110v.

Overload Thermal Relay

It’s the main part of contactor we connect it to the output point of the contactor for safety protection for motor or any appliance which is running.

Overload Thermal Relay

Overload Thermal Relay

Let suppose if any case your motor burns, then a load of the motor will be high and overload will disconnect the line and contactor will be stopping. So this way our costly panel will be safe from any burn or short circuit. Almost we should use it to the output point.

How Do we use Overload

It is very easy to use. There are 3 input contacts and 3 output contacts and also auxiliary contacts for controls the contractor. It will disconnect or operate the contactor automatic you know your appliance connected with contactor so your appliance will be off if contactor will off. Be careful with the time of wiring. It can give you a shock. So check main supplies off before. When you touch any terminal.


Relay we use for a small application or also we use it for small loads too. Basically, there are many types of the relay in the markets available. We can use a relay in small controls for logic.

Indutrial Automation Electronic component relays

Industrial Automation Electronic component relays

Such like as in circuit panel we need to operate a solenoid value so we can use a relay to operate it. Also, we use a relay to give program manually in any industrial electrical circuit.

How can we use Relay?

It’s very simple I am today going to define you very shortly so you can easily understand its uses. There are many types of the relay, but the working or uses are same. It has two contacts one is normally open and second is normally close. And finally, one point is for output where you can supply from that point. The basic concept is normally open or normally close contact that’s how you use it according to your logic in the picture I will define clearly how it works, but in my logic but now its depend on you how do you use it on your logic.

Proximity Sensor

It’s also part of the industrial appliance so the main reason to use of proximity sensor for safety. And we can use the proximity sensor for controls.

Industrial Automation Proximity sensor

Industrial Automation Proximity sensor

Let suppose we just give 0-30V in a range of the proximity sensor and it will provide us one supply either positive or negative anyone can give it depends on the proximity sensor model or specification NPN or PNP.

How to use Proximity sensor

One of the most important appliance for industry. We can use it in the home for safety alarm. Any other use for your requirement. So finally I am going to tell you how to work proximity sensor. Basically, it has 3 wires normally one brown color for positive and blue for negative and black color for output line. Simple I am talking about DC sensors. In the market, there are many sensors available like a fiber optic, Metal Sensor, Paper Sensor etc.


Timers mean to give a time delay in anything to operate it can be in off delay or on delay. Basically, the mean of timer just gives to the time delay.

Industrial Automation Timers Relay

Timers Relay

How Can We Use Timer:

Almost industrial appliance using simple logic there is two points for supply and the inner side of timer one relay inserted which can operate according to the timer when to give to instruction relay it will work. So we take our logic connection through that relay point which is based on 3 points as always, one point we say common and the second one is normally open and the third one is normally close, but The relay will operate through timer instruction so follow your logic how can you use it.

Above all types of equipment are normally used in industrial . If you like so share it. We will share more in next post so stay with us .

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