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Important Electrician Tools

Installation of electrical items electrician needs different type of tools. So here is I am sharing info about some important electrician tools kit . Any work can not do without quality tools. So every electrician needs to first to know about all important tools and its working also that’s tools where we can use and which tool for which purpose. It is not very costly Tools. But if we need tools its is little bit costly purchase it good quality so doesn’t matter. It’s depend on electrician. How they work.

important electrician tools


Below detail about important electrician tools and its working:


A middle size knife required for scrap just we should not use to knife for cutting wire. And we can use it for clean rust. Normally we can use knife for scrap the insulator from the cable.


Used for cutting wire. And we can use it for bending wire. We can use also for bending wire. It is available in market in different Sizes, It is also available in the market with insulator hand gripping and without hand gripping too. I think insulator hand gripping pliers is good for electrician for working. And it is also safe from the socks at the time any electrical working. Mostly electrician use 8’’ size pliers.

Adjustable Pliers

We can use this pliers where normal plier not work. For grip the any things. Let suppose if normal pliers slipping anything if you are gripping then adjustable pliers will work 100% in gripping anything.

Long Nose Pliers

Long Nose pliers use for open the nut or tight the nut. Some time we can use it small area to do anything like we can grip any thin from Long nose pliers in small places.

Screw Driver

Normally we know about it where we use it. So Screw driver we use for open the screw, just electrician not use screw driver. It use in the mechanical, mobile repairing and other field too. There are different type of screw driver sets available in the market.

Manual Hand Drill Machine

We see this tool before 20 years ago in hand of every Person, Bout now a day normally we see the automatic electric drill machine for the hole. And also drill bit available in different size in the market. Normally drill machine grip 9 to 10 mm drill bit. It is very useful for work.


It is available in different size in the market, some time we also need to use wood hammer.

Soldering Iron

Iron we use for soldering wire , It uses in both field in electrical and electronics, Normal it uses a lot in PCB working , It is available in the market in different watts 25 to 100 watts which is important normally use. And for heavy duty work we can use metal soldering iron.

Bench wise

Bench wise use normally in the work shop for grip anything then technician work there. Middle size bench wise very useful tool.

Pipe Wise

Pipe Wise use for grip round pipe, For example normally we see the plumber use this wise mostly. And plumber put the thread in water pipe after grip in pipe wise.


Almost electrician use it on small holes to convent in big holes. It is available in the market in different size and straight and degree.

Die Stock

Die stock use for tapping it clamp the tap then we put the thread any hole. Basically it is clap the tap just so we can easily drive the tap.

Center Punch

Center punch use before the hole so if we put the center punch before the hole then hole will not be out. So every technician use it before the place hole in metal mostly.

Pipe Cutter

It uses often to cutting pipe so it can cut any Aluminum pipe or plastic pipe easily. Plumber almost use it. And Electrician use it at the time of wiring because they can cut wiring pipe very easily.

Wire Gage

Wire gage normally use now identify gage of cable or wire. Before the wiring we use standard wire gage and cable gage.


It’s also known as iron bled , Normally it is use whereas cutting normal and soft pipe and it uses mostly electrician and plumber as cutting pipe and it is very important tool for workshop.

Above all important electrician tools. It is very important tools for electrician, its little bit costly but if they purchase one time so they can work quality wise better. And this tool will work long time. Just one time need to purchase then again if any tool will damage so they need to purchase again other ways you don’t need to purchase again.

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