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What Is Electrical Transformer

When electric current passed any coil .Than magnetic field produced outside of coil. And this magnetic line according to frequency of electric current change the direction continuously. So if we supply or pass any electric current in any coil than it create magnetic line in the condition of continuously movement, just like above explained that any coil cross the magnetic field or magnetic field move in any coil. For the it’s produce electric current .So we know that Clearly if we enter any other coil at the place of save magnetic field area. Then it will also produce the electric current. So that current know as called induced electric current. so quality or look like match with other coil. Above all process called electrical transformer action . For more see the definition of electrical transformer in Wikipedia.

iron core transformer action


When electric current pass in coil first. And produce magnetic field it’s called primary coil. And other which place in the magnetic field area called secondary coil. So the both compound called transformer. According to above all explained about the transformer. One coil can be contact with other coil because a lot of magnetic lines spread. And cannot cross the other coil. This type of Transformer is to called air case transformer. Because this type of transformer magnetic field passes air gap field, and in this transformer based the coil. So it is not produced powerful field. And we all know that iron has a high resistance and good resistivity material. So if we fold  both coil mean primary coil and secondary coil with iron, so it can be produced good or powerful magnetic field. And both coil will be placed inside of iron core so all magnetic line will cross the secondary coil and electromagnetic force will be increased of primary coil, because very high resistance material will be there for cross the magnetic, so very less magnetic line will pass in the air .

Practically if we use in the place of iron core is used, in this condition the quantity of EDDY current will not be increased. Further the mixer of the carbon and silicon is mixed in the iron, then due to hysteresis Electric losses can be loosed the ability of magnetic line of iron plate can be boosted.

Eddy Current of Electrical Transformer

Just as mobilize a magnetic produce electricity in the field of copper wire in this condition. it’s also produce electric pressure in the iron. Thus  this pressure passes the electric current, which is shown in iron like heat or high temperature. So, electric current is produced in iron in every condition, that is why for decreasing the effects of it’s in the place of solid iron, iron plate is used. In the middle of the plates, the possibility of the presence of air is increased and due to this reason the heat of these plate is exit. The compound of these iron’s plate is to be said Iron core.


When the coil produce the mobilize magnetic field. So in the core of iron the presence of iron resistance change, it’s directions according to the movement of this field. When the south pole produce in the core so resistance of all south pole in one direction. And the  north pole will be another direction and when the direction of the field is changed so the direction of the particles of the iron will have to also change its direction. It means that particles of the iron change its directions from one place to another place. On this condition in the resistance of the iron is continuously produced movement and this movement shown just like a heat. And for the change this movement in to practice some force can be wasted. And this wastage of forces is called “The Hysteresis loss”.

Simple Structure Of Transformer

Simply transfer based on coil and iron core according to formula. We can design it. Transformer depends on primary coil and against secondary coil. We give the current in primary coil then magnetic field creates around the all area in side of iron core. Then automatically secondary coil produced the electro motive force.

Simple transformer design
Characteristics of secondary coil which produced electro motive force:

  • Both coil produce same frequency equal.
  • When secondary coil produce the electric current. Then it is deference between 90© with primary.
  • If we compare already produced electric current directly primary and secondary coils turn equally. So if primary coil has 250 turns. And secondary coils turns is 100. Then primary volt and secondary volt in 100:250 is ratio.


Primary turns / Secondary turn = Primary volt / Secondary volt


• Vp = Primary Volt
• Vs = Secondary Volt
• Tp = Primary Turn
• Ts = Secondary Turn

So finally if we consider 250 volt available in the primary coil. Then secondary coil will produce 100 volt.

Efficiency of Transfer

A lot of force loses in electric machine to give movement. When in that electric machine due to resistance of copper wire and Eddy current and Hysteresis also loses of strength. Because transformer is a motion less parts. That’s why loses of strength in transformer due to Hysteresis or Eddy current or resistance of copper wire. That is why the transformer’s quantity will be in bulk quantity. The possibility of below deficiency is in a very less quantity. If this deficiency do not find or the quantity of deficiency is zero then in this condition the power which is provided to primary circuit will be equal to secondary winding. And normally is this type of deficiency is ignored.


Primary power = secondary power


primary volt × primary current = secondary volt × secondary current

It means that if the current in primary coil is 200 volt. And in the secondary coil 50 volts, then if due to the reason of current passes in primary coil 10 ampere current then passes of current in secondary coil will be 40 ampere.



For Example Numerical:

If a 220 volt on 10 amp passing from transformer primary winding. If a secondary winding terminal has 110 volt. Then find secondary winding current. Neglect the transformer of iron and copper lysis .



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