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Series and Parallel Connections?

How do we wire series and parallel connection in any component’s, Like home wiring system, and if we are controlling any industrial machine wiring. It is very important for new students. They should know about it very well before doing any wiring of the machine and home wiring. Let see the diagram of images where I am trying to deeply define you how you can wire parallel connection.

For Parallel connection requirement parts:

  • One switch on / off.
  • Three lamp bulb.
  • 9 pieces of wire for connecting.


  • Connect wire according to below diagram, after connecting when we will on a switch, Then Bulb will on.
Parallel connections

parallel Connections

  • According to the image, we can connect bulb via parallel. It’s easy connection diagram. I am trying to simplify you. If we see in any machine controlling system. There is some place we see components are connected parallel. Now let’s go to see series connection diagram.

What is series connections

How can we wire in series connection let’s discuss on it? When do we see any machine controlling system almost connection are based on series connections. Like Emergency stop push button. Because when any wire break from anywhere then the machine will not run. Now see the below diagram.

Series conections

Series Connections

  • Above image clearly how can you connect any component in series, if any wire break from the center then, No one lamp will on, because every lamp connected with another lamp.

How to connect pushbutton in series

Well we have discussed before, Why should we connect pushbutton in series, in other logic, we can use normally open pushbutton, But that is unuseful if do we see according to safety purpose. Because if we connected normally open contacts as an emergency stop, then it will work via logic but after the break off any connection emergency stop button, then the machine will not stop. But if we connect normally close button then the machine will not run and then we can easily identify that there is some issue with wiring. Then the technician will start troubleshooting. Now let’s see an image.

Pushbutton in series

Pushbutton in series

Simple connection of micro switch. There is in every micro switch three terminals, common, normally open and the last one normally close. So use it according to your logic control and plannings. Now see the diagram of an image below.

Microswitch safety connections

Microswitch Safety connections



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